Come close (it’s better)

circles. going in circles. sentences in circles. minds (filled with sentences) in circles. Words make up sentences. between us. words without violence. a conversation halfway between truth and you. whispering in my ear. you are looking away. not looking at me. so am i. normally. we are polite and casual. but straining our necks whilst doing so. this feels uncomfortable. the touch on my shoulder feels warm. is it light or is it a touch? „don’t close the curtains.“ there is a gap on my skin. it’s cold. it’s a half circle. it has the same temperature as you nostril and your chin. your ear feels slightly warmer. maybe you can still hear me? what is the last song you listened to? i don’t know your playlist. play. repeat. play. pause. play. stop. play.














it was perfect, you said.

maybe nobody heard it.
maybe everybody heard it.